The photographer Menelaos C. Pittas

Born in Nicosia Cyprus October 1958. Exhibited his work in personal photographic exhibitions in Cyprus “Scarecrows”, Nicosia 1987, “Ecology” Nicosia 1989, “Surface” Nicosia 1992, “Remains of today” Nicosia 1995 and Athens 1997. Participated in several international cultural events. Biennale of Young Mediterranean Artists in Thessaloniki Greece in 1986, and Bologna Italy in 1988, Biennale of Tipasa Algeria in 1990, European Cultural month “Image of Cyprus”, Nicosia 1995.

Since 1995 is involved with photography as a publisher and published 8 photographic publications under a personal publishing house. Published the Book “Remains of Today” in 1995, “Little Creatures of Cyprus” in 2001, “The Crying Tree” in 2003 in collaboration with the Bank of Cyprus Culture Center.

In 2003 he published the Book “ICONOLATRIE” which was presented with a photographic exhibition in Nicosia, in 2006 the Book “Aunts” which was presented with a photographic exhibition in Nicosia.In 2008 he published the book” Time in a Bottle” which was presented with a photographic exhibition in Nicosia

In 2008, represented Cyprus in ‘LES RENCONTRES D’ ARLES’ EUROPEAN NIGHT 2008, a very prestigious photographic festival in Arles France.

In October  2010 represented Cyprus in a major  exhibition at the UNESCO central offices in Paris

In 2014 he launched another personal publication with the title “ Our Fathers”

His latest book launch and exhibition titled “The Runner” was presented in  2015 in Nicosia.

In 2018 participated in a major exhibition in Leventis Foundation presenting the work of Adamantios Diamantis with the title “ The Microcosm of  Diamantis “

My Thanks

I would like to thank Philip Dekastan for the design of REMAINS OF TODAY, AUNTS, OUR FATHERS, TIME IN A BOTTLE and THE RUNNER. DEIN Design for the design of SMALL WORLD OF CYPRUS, THE TREE THAT SHED TEARS, ICONOLATRIE, Anna Kalli for the design of SANTA, Costas Georgiou for the introduction in REMAINS OF TODAY, Nicos Philippou for the introduction in TIME IN A BOTTLE and THE RUNNER, George Kythreotis for the introduction in ICONOLATRIE, Ruth Keshishian and Max Sheridan for their contribution in THE RUNNER, Philippos Philippou for the precious translations, Nadina Paphites and Maria Ioannou for the collaboration in THE SMALL WORLD OF CYPRUS, Platon Rivellis for his introduction in AUNTS, Leventis Gallery and Diamantis family for their collaboration in AGONIES, Stan Vreede for the precious collaboration in AUNTS & AGONIES and Vassilis Vassiliades for his contribution in AGONIES.

Finally, special thanks to Panayiotis Christofides and Paris Alexandrou for the design and setup of the webpage

Menelaos Pittas

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