I am interested in observing the light, colour, symbols, history and collective memory of the place where I live.

 With Iconolatrie my intention is not to exercise criticism but simply to record all that I have come across along the way. I am particularly moved by authentic Byzantine icons and I am very sad that, for the sake of safekeeping, most of them have been removed from the churches where they have been venerated for years. I wonder if the icons are in need of our protection in museums when I believe that they are in fact protecting us and not us them. I respect the idea of protection on a local level, in small regional museums near the place of worship of each icon, but I am deeply sorry when I see icons gathered in city galleries.

I am also interested in images with religious content, even foreign ones, which I come across at large religious festivals, as well as in the synaxaria for the feast days of saints. I also record the images of heroes, mythical and otherwise, with whom I was first acquainted in school history lessons and who have been indelibly engraved on the collective memory, and the images of ancestors that I come across in private, personal spaces.

I am also moved by the metaphysical quality enclosed within and exuded by certain old pictures

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